I’m a passionate photographer, designer & all round creative, but I’m at my happiest when I’m behind the lens!

One of my recent passions is photographing food – I love all the elements that go into producing that final mouthwatering shot – I enjoy experimenting with the styling and the lighting of the food and creating different moods and effects, all with the one common theme, to get your tastebuds tingling. Here I hope to share my journey throughout my passion with you and hopefully lend some tips along the way.

When I’ve not got my eye glued to the back of my camera I can be found walking in the countryside with my husband and my beautiful Rough Collie dog Bella. In the evenings I try to find time to practice Yoga, although this is usually whilst being heavily scrutinised by my dog – who insists joining me and usually falls to sleep during my class. If there is any more time left in the day (which there usually isn’t) I can be found with my head inside a good book – although that hasn’t been for a while now, not since my love of photography took over!

I hope you enjoy my blog, please feel free to get in touch, tell me what you think or share a tip – it would be great to hear from you!

4 thoughts on “About

  1. I read during the “how to think up good comments” post that you were a first time blogger. Well, welcome aboard the WordPress Express! I started blogging exactly 4 years ago for myself and have been amazed at the wonderful bloggers I’ve encountered through this journey. Like you, I expressed myself in photography and in writing. Why not do both in a blog?! You made a great choice in WordPress because the support here is phenomenal.

    I love your photos so far and will drop in from time to time to see what you’ve posted. I can see the amount of work and detail you’ve put in so far. Your technical prowess shows. Keep it up, Lynsey!


    PS – if you want to branch out of food photography and be a little challenged, check out the weekly photo challenges from WordPress every Friday around noon. They are fun and keep you on your photographic toes!

    • Hi Nando

      Congrats on your 4 years blogging – that’s great going!! I hope I’m going strong in another 4 years!

      Thanks for the tip on the Weekly Photo Challenge by the way, I’ve just submitted my first shot to the challenge, although luckily, it lends itself quite well to food! LOL ;)


  2. Thanks very much Ev! I’m really enjoying posting on my blog so far, there are some great people on here with lots to say – it feels a really lovely community to be a part of! :)

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