The rose before the storm…

Rose 1

Another great love of mine is my garden – I find it very relaxing tending to the plants and plucking sneaky weeds here and there!

A few weeks ago I shot some of my lovely pink David Austin roses, which I’m so happy I did now, as the thunder storms we’ve had over the past few days have left my rose bushes completely bare of flowers – more a huge pile of soggy petals under each plant! They were beautiful while they lasted and smelled just gorgeous! This particular rose is named after the late, much loved gardener – Geoff Hamilton. I hope you like the piccies and they brighten up a your evening!

Rose 2

Rose 3


7 Replies to “The rose before the storm…”

    1. Thank you! It was a lot of fun to take too, i’ve had my pretty blue cake stand for ages but I’d not used it in this way before – I was really pleased with the way the colours turned out. :)

  1. David Austin roses are just glorious and you’ve captured their essence in a most spectacular way! I felt a bit sad this past week as winds and rainstorms whipped away some beautiful blooms. But it did bring a much needed respite from the grizzly humidity … Such a trade-off, isn’t it?!

    1. Oh yes, definitely – we couldn’t have done without those storms, it was getting unbearable! Although next time I must make a note not to drive home through them, a 40 minute journey took me 2 hours as I was driving most of the 21 miles in a foot deep of storm water – that’s the uk for you though!! Lol :)

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