Beautiful White Bloomer

Slices  BrekBeautiful White Bloomer

Breakfast  In wrapper

Okay, here goes – here’s my first blog/photo post – hope you like! :)

There’s nothing quite like a fresh baked loaf of bread to get your taste buds working overtime! I saw/smelt this bread in my local M&S and had to buy it – it was still warm and I just can’t resist buying a loaf just out of the oven! I loved the floury pattern on the top and thought it would look great with some low-key lighting so I got my new Canon 6D out to take some shots. I’ve only had this camera for a few weeks now and I’m still getting used to it (I upgraded from the Canon 500D) but I’m finding the picture quality amazing! I must shoot bread more often – this was awesome toasted and smothered in butter!!!


28 Replies to “Beautiful White Bloomer”

  1. Yummy! My mouth was watering and my stomach gurgling in unison, as I read this. The accompanying photos are amazing.
    Welcome aboard the blogging train, yiu are off to a fantastic start!

  2. It looks like you have a really nice camera! I know nothing about cameras. Can you recommend one for someone who is just starting out with photography?

    1. For years I used a Canon 500D (which I think has been replaced by the 550D now) to cut my teeth on in the digital SLR world – it’s more of an entry level camera so if you’ve never used one before that’s quite a good little SLR to start with! There is also the Canon 1100D which is a slightly cheaper entry level camera – it all depends on your budget really! I hope this helps – Good luck!!

  3. It’s always exciting to find a new blog, and one that shares similar interests (food and photography) makes that experience even better! Congratulations on this new, creative venture. I hope you have SO much fun with it! And …. Ooooh!!! …. What a wonderful camera you have!

    1. Your camera sounds much fancier than the one on my phone. And your bread looks soooo doughy :) and bread-y. Ok, I’m hungry– be back soon with my comment!

      1. I currently use a canon 6d which is my new pride and joy – I wake up early every morning wanting to take new shots with it! It’s amazing the detail that it can pick up! Many thanks for your comments!! :)

  4. hi Lynsey, looking forward to your next posts … your photos are just stunning! i am glad you decided to share your creative talents and i know you will be further encouraged with this new endeavor because you belong to a very supportive community — April

  5. I promised a friend earlier this week that I will make us some homemade bread again soon. Your photos and writing has made me want to go bake some tonight. I must admit that it is not only the flavor but also the smell of it while it bakes that I enjoy equally as well.
    With respect, hope, joy and love, Carmela

    1. Ooooooh, there’s nothing like home made bread – the smell is almost as good as the eating! Baking my own bread, that’s something I’ve not done for years but I do keep promising my husband I’ll make him some one day – that’s one lucky friend! ;)

  6. These photos made my mouth water – I have some raspberry spread from the farmer’s market that I’ll bring over. Put the coffee on! :)

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